When I started UCSawing, I was doing milling for mainly myself. I struggled to find anyone with a portable sawmill who could cut my logs on a timely basis, call me back when the job was complete and cut lumber that was consistent in width and thickness.

After about a year I started to get a few of my first customers, some of which are still my customers, and they slowly started recommending others. Ulster County Sawing has grown, but is still small, which allows me to continue to provide individualized service to each property owner who contacts me.

In addition to the portable sawmilling, I also offer tree cutting and small-scale, low impact logging. I’m New York Logger Trained (NYLT), which is a training program through the state that teaches the safest method of felling trees, with a focus on control of the tree as it makes its way to the ground, safe work and worksite management practices and silviculture.